Not the Last Word

Just a heads up that the losing parties in the three federal appellate court cases that dealt with Padilla retroactivity — Chaidez (7th Cir. — Padilla no retroactive), Chang Hong (7th Cir. — same) and Orocio (3d Cir. — Padilla retroactive) — have all signaled that they will be seeking en banc rehearings.  Also of note is that lawyers from the National Immigrant Justice Center have entered appearances on behalf of defendant in the Chaidez matter.  That will surely be one to watch.

Over in sovereign state territory, the two cases dealing with Padilla retroactivity that are pending before the New Jersey Supreme Court (State v. Frensel Gaitan) and the Florida Supreme Court (State v. Gabriel Hernandez) are just that, still pending.  I will post updates as they become available.


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