SCOTUS Oral Argument in Chaidez v. United States Tomorrow

Because of Hurricane Sandy, the oral arguments in the Chaidez case, which presents the question of whether Padilla can be applied retroactively, is scheduled to take place tomorrow, having been moved from Tuesday, the day on which they were originally set to take place.

I will post the transcript of the argument and my thoughts on it once I have had a chance to digest the proceedings.

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3 responses to “SCOTUS Oral Argument in Chaidez v. United States Tomorrow

  1. Thank you for the up date. Will be waiting for tomorrow for more information

  2. Jorge Villalona

    Mi observación concerniente a los casos en Padilla y Chaidez es, que la mayoría de los abogados en casos criminales NO SON CULPABLES NI RESPONSABLES de las negociaciones de culpabilidad entre el estado y el inculpado, por entender que éstos hicieron su trabajo en beneficio legal para su defendido, y que en esos tiempos no representaban ningún peligro a la permanencia en el pais. Ahora bien, quien es verdaderamente CULPABLE de los tantos ABUSOS que se ha cometidos, POR DÉCADAS, contra no-ciudadanos legales, es el gobierno en sí, a traves del INS y BIA. Estos departamentos SE APROVECHARON del gran volumen de personas ( cientos de miles…o millones) que a traves de los años (hasta el 1996) se habia declarado culpable por diferentes delitos, para iniciar un proceso de masivas deportaciones con RETROACTIVIDAD DE CASOS.– Entonces, ahora que La Suprema ha reconocido esas fallas del Estado y tambien ha venido aplicando frenos a los tantos abusos de esas agencias gubernamentales ( INS-BIA), es ahi donde debemos apoyar la RETROACTIVIDAD en la aplicacion de los derechos constitucionales violados por esos departamentos. La Suprema DEBE sustentar su reglamento de Padilla Vs Kentucky, en Chaidez Vs Holder. ES SENCILLAMANTE ASUNTO DE JUSTICIA !!!

    • Gracias, Jorge, for your comment. My proficiency in Spanish is limited at best so I plugged your comment into Google Translate. This is what it thinks you said in your post (feel free to reply Jorge if any of it is inaccurate or incorrect, which I am sure it is):

      My remark about where Padilla and Chaidez is, that most of the lawyers in criminal cases are not guilty or responsible for plea negotiations between the state and the accused on the ground that they did legal work for the benefit defended, and that at that time posed no danger to stay in the country. But who is really guilty of many abuses that have been committed for decades against legal noncitizens, is the government itself, through the INS and BIA. These departments took advantage of the large volume of people (hundreds of thousands … or millions) that through the years (until 1996) had been convicted of various crimes, to initiate a process of massive deportations CASE retroactively. – So, now that the Court has recognized these failures of the state and has also been applying brakes to many abuses of these agencies (INS-BIA), that is where we must support the retroactivity in the application of constitutional rights violated by those departments. The Supreme must sustain its rules of Padilla vs. Kentucky, Chaidez Holder Vs. JUSTICE IS simply will AFFAIR!

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